Link Popularity 101

Link popularity is commonly defined as the number of links that direct people to your website from other sites. It is considered one of the most important ways to increase traffic to your site therefore increasing your online popularity. This in a sense lets people know how well you are known by the general internet population. The more people that you get to visit your site the higher on the search engines that you will appear. It is important though to concentrate on the quality of your links and not the quantity. This basically means you should link to the more popular sites rather than just placing a bunch of links to your site on just any website you see. It is also more important to get back links from the categories that fit around the idea of your site. This will help create more traffic to your site. There are generally three ways that you can establish your site on the internet.1. One way linksThese are links that connect to your site without getting connected back to the site. These links are also called inbound links. These links are considered the most valued because of the one way traffic that it generates to your site. If sites find your website to be worthy as well as important they may provide you with a one way link. Links that usually fall into this category include article submissions, and blogs among others.2. Two linksTwo ways links, also known as reciprocal links, are links that are based on an agreement between you and another business that have similar business ideas in order to create link popularity traffic. There are generally three things that you will need to consider when creating two way links. First of all, you will need to find out how trusted the site is. Second you need to decide if it falls into the same idea as your product or idea. Finally you need to consider the page rank of the linking page. These are all very important and should not be skipped while creating your reciprocal links. Creating reciprocal links is neither hard nor easy. All you have to do is if you come across a site you feel is worth linking to you need to send that site a request asking them if they would like to create a reciprocal link with your site.3. Three way links.In this type of link building it can be considered a reciprocal exchange that exists between three different sites. This is beneficial to you as the web owner as it adds more weight than a two-way link and can help keep you toward the top of the search engines. Link building popularity is a great way to advertise your online business. It helps create traffic to your site by linking with other sites as well increasing your ranks in the search engines due to the traffic.

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